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  1. Local Guidance
  2. Templates
  3. Safeguarding Adults – Competency Framework
  4. ‘How to’ Guides to Assess Mental Capacity in Specific Situations 

1. Local Guidance

LLR Safeguarding Adult Review Guidance

LLR SAR Policy October 2020

LLR SAR Guidance for Staff and Managers

LLR SAR Guidance for Families

LLR SAR Referral Form

Quality Markers

SAR Quality Markers Guidance – Board Office

SAR Quality Markers Guidance – Panels

SAR Quality Markers and Guidance – SAR Chairs

SAR Quality Markers and Guidance – IMR Authors

SAR Quality Markers Guidance – Case Review Groups

SAR Quality Markers Guidance – Safeguarding Boards

Guide to Multi-Agency Meetings

A Guide to Multi-Agency Meetings May 2021

2. Templates


Record of Initial VARM Meeting Template

Record of Initial VARM Meeting – fillable PDF version (updated April 2019)

Record of Review VARM Meeting – word version (updated April 2019)

Record of Review VARM Meeting – fillable PDF version (updated April 2019)

Referral for VARM Independent Review Process

Section 42 Enquiries

Strategy Meeting Template

Safeguarding Adults Case Conference Agenda

Professional Report for Safeguarding Adults Conference


Cuckooing Record of Multi Agency Planning Meeting

Cuckooing -Record of Multi Agency Review Meeting

3. Safeguarding Adults – Competency Framework

The Competency Framework is applicable to staff who work to support and protect adults at risk of abuse and harm. The documents below outline the Competency Framework, how it can be used, how to assess competency relevant and proportionate to role and responsibilities.

LLR Safeguarding Adults Competency Framework

Blank Competency Log

4. ‘How to’ guides to assess Mental Capacity in specific situations

The “How to” guides support staff in completing capacity assessments, relating to specific key decisions common to safeguarding.

The “How To” Guides

The guides cover the following decisions:

Organisations within the partnership can use the guides to support practice and can also amended/add to in line with their own local requirements/needs if preferred. They do not replace any existing guides currently used by agencies.

The guides should be used alongside the Mental Capacity Act (2005), MCA Code of Practice (2005) and LLR Safeguarding Multi-Agency Policy and Procedures

Guidance will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain up to date in line with case law, legal and procedural changes.